Sightings / Avistamientos 2017 by Juan Osorno

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Pencil on Fabriano Schizzi ?paper, photographic print and typewriter on paper.
L?piz sobre papel Fabiano Schizzi, impresi?n fotogr?fica y m?quina de escribir sobre papel.
Jesse Owens during the long jump test at the Berlin Olympics, conquering the second of 4 gold medals obtained.
At the same time, 2 floating objects of metallic appearance stand in the vicinity of the stadium.

Berlin Germany.

a. 63 m.
b.31.5 m
August 04, 1936.
37 x 27,8 cm
An unknown object falls at a speed of 653 km / h. In the vicinity of Abeline’s anti-missile base.
The impact generates a crater of 1.3 kilometers in the round.

The object disappeared within a few minutes of impact.

Abilene, Texas.
February 16, 1958
31,5 x 24,7 cm
In 1947 several Belgian couples disappeared for no apparent reason in the region of Ghent, Belgium.
Interestingly all disappearances were reported by relatives around 12:00 noon.
All couples were married, childless and under 30 years old.
It is believed that in total 9 couples were no longer seen. To this day nobody knows where they are.
Ghent, Belgium.
27,7 X 24,5 cm
Surrender of Jerusalem to the British Crown during the campaign of Sinai, World War I.
In the photograph was captured an enormous object composed of dense metal, with a wingspan of approximately 500 meters, crossing a cloud.
Apparently, being detected by the British sentinels installed in the towers of the city, the object was propelled towards the stratosphere disappearing in few seconds.
December 9, 1917.

An apparent ship of considerable size flies over Paris for approximately 20 minutes.

The main ship is accompanied by smaller ships, apparently its escort.

Rue Royale, Paris.

31,2 x 27,2 cm
Flight Platform developed by the American air force being tried for the first time in an air base of classified location.
Within minutes of remaining levitating two unidentified flying objects (UFO) were spotted by the demonstration attendees.
Considered a threat, the militia collapsed both artifacts through the use of anti-aircraft guns. The procedure and final whereabouts of UFOs is unknown today.
Location: Secret.
Date and time: secret.
28,6 x 27,3 cm
Terra Nova ?Expedition (1910-1913).
Captain Robert Falcon Scott, leader of the British expedition to the south pole is photographed with his sled and polar clothing on April 13, 1911.
During the excursion 17 of the original 65 crew members disappeared in heavy snow. Notes from the surviving explorers indicate a series of celestial objects and erratic movement prowling their camps throughout the journey.
34,2 x 27,8 cm
First and only flight of the Hughes H-4 Hercules or “Spruce Goose”. Flying 1.6 kilometers away and 21 meters above the surface of the water.

Long Beach, California

November 02, 1947.
31? 24,5 x 27,2 cm

In 1988 57 people were abducted on a beach located in Chicago.

Witnesses said several flying objects perched near the shore, generating intense light carrying victims inside the craft, including children.

57th Street Beach.?Chicago, Illinois.

to.?22 m

41 x 18,5 cm

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